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Land Cargo

The Land freight or international land transport service is a logistics solution that allows goods to be transported using land infrastructure, whether it is a truck or train; being one of the most popular and versatile transports for the needs of our customers.

Land freight is the most used alternative for short distances, especially as it allows greater flexibility to pick up shipments and there is a greater offer, when looking for options that fit your budget.

Being the most economical type of transport, it is often preferred, although it is necessary to consider its limitations, such as its limited capacity and distance restrictions; because for long journeys it does not represent the best alternative.

Types of Customers using the Land Freight Service

Although the transport of land cargo has great benefits, it is necessary to consider the technical limitations with which this type of transport has.

Although in terms of the type of merchandise, the ground service does not have restrictions, it is necessary to consider that it has limitations in terms of the volume of loads that can be transported, since the capacity of these transports is considerably less than other alternatives such as air transport or sea transport.

In cargo transportation by road it is possible to transport all types of goods thanks to the possibility of adapting the truck trailer to the necessary form for any matter.

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